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Give me time and I'll give you a revolution.


Alexander McQueen

The world today is not one in which I remember grazing my knees on.

It's bigger than I ever imagined, everything conceivable and perhaps inconceivable is at the click of a button, or tap of an iPad. 


The Internet has creeped up and taken over most aspects of our lives, professionally, socially and personally. 


I'm probably obsessed.. Aimlessly scrolling through Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, pretty pics on Pinterest, YouTube cat fails,  sepia toned instagrams, vibrant tumblr blogs and indulging in hashtags.


I am one of billions who with a click of a finger expect to book that dream holiday or catch up with friends, click at work or click to see live events around the world, a click for a secret TopShop splurge and last minute flowers.


The world is at our finger tips...

I have the time to make the most of it.


I found out yesterday I'm as old as Dominos, there are worst things. 

Pizza is awesome.

Digital Scream is a virtual social media marketing site devoted to spending time in digitally developing your company, giving it the social status it deserves. 


It doesn't cost a lot but it does take time.

I have the time you don't have.

Digital visibility is a must have for all companies, in all industries. 


A successful social media and marketing strategy will throw you on the frontline with your customers. 

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